Promotion via Parenting

Yesterday I received a great honor at Camp Exalted (#campexalted2016)! It caused me to smile from ear to ear. My chest potruded, my stride was along. My head held higher than anytime before.
At breakfast, my oldest child brought me the news!  
“Dad,” she said, “The made me a Dorm Leader! I’m responsible for the girls in my dorm!”   
My child; Dorm Leader! Wow!!! It felt great! Just yesterday it was her first day at camp. She was wondering around Jarvis without a friend with her headphone on eager to return home to her friends. She would come by my classroom and chat during down time and help me plan for my next class session. Just yesterday, I was mediating a disagreement between her and a peer, as she complained about the heat and the lack of a phone signal, and now, my child is the Dorm Leader!
Though this was an honor for her, as a parent I was so proud. In just weeks, I’ve watched her conquer High School, survive Prom, show maturity at her Geaduation Party, and now, an honor of honors from the Kingdom of God! As a parent, it was great to see her chosen for who she has become. And though I feel my wife and I have had a hand in who she has become, I recognize that a larger community has served and loved her through some trying times, maturing her through, and showing her the way. Both at home and at camp, many men and women has spoken into her life, helping shape the course of her now, and are directing her towards her future.  
Wanting her to do a great job, my instinct was to impart every ounce of wisdom and direction to help her with her new position, but I felt the need to encourage her, instilling and reinforcing my confidence with. The staff that she could do the job, all while letting her know that she is not alone. Watching her tackle this new assignment has brought me such joy.  
She truly is an amazing young lady.