Pesky Fly…Protecting your Plate!

Much has changed in the landscape of relationships, but the structure remains the same.  A true man will always emerge from the crop, and true woman will always be the crowning glory of a true man.

Being a mother and father has its challenges, especially during the teen years.  Relationship emerge, and wisdom must be passed to the next generation.

Today’s wisdom, we draw from the picnic table:

“To eat, you don’t have to kill the fly, you just have to shooo them away until you are finished eating!”

“Nobody fixes a plate and leaves it for the Fly!”

“You are bigger than any fly!”

“Never fight the fly; your food will get cold!”

“When you fight the fly, you leave your seat at the table, and another fly will get time to eat!”

“Flies get annoying!  Thus maximize your time at the table!”

“Flies nibble off everything until they are full!”

“Letting Flies eat from your plate can ruin a meal and bring harm to ones body if they consume what the fly has infected.”

The last word word of advice caused the looking up of the lyrics to the Shoo Fly Song…

“Shoo, fly, don’t bother me,
Shoo, fly, don’t bother me,
Shoo, fly, don’t bother me,
For I belong to somebody.”shoofly

I found them to be very interesting.  Though they were written for soldiers as a ways of reminding them to keep away the flies and mosquito that carried Yellow Fever, the words still have great significance.  While getting to know others, flies can be a great pest.    They travel from plate to plate, dinning on what ever is available, and can take what is made to be health and satisfactory to the palate and make it inedible and unedifying.

Though a man must choose and fight for what he wants, there are times when a woman must shoo the flies away so that they can have proper time to decide if this is what she believes it to be for her future.

Parents, particularly of young ladies, please join the discussion with your comments.  We have 5 beautiful, intelligent and spiritual young ladies we are raising, and we would love to hear your thoughts based on this blog.


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