Pesky Fly…Protecting your Plate!

Much has changed in the landscape of relationships, but the structure remains the same.  A true man will always emerge from the crop, and true woman will always be the crowning glory of a true man.

Being a mother and father has its challenges, especially during the teen years.  Relationship emerge, and wisdom must be passed to the next generation.

Today’s wisdom, we draw from the picnic table:

“To eat, you don’t have to kill the fly, you just have to shooo them away until you are finished eating!”

“Nobody fixes a plate and leaves it for the Fly!”

“You are bigger than any fly!”

“Never fight the fly; your food will get cold!”

“When you fight the fly, you leave your seat at the table, and another fly will get time to eat!”

“Flies get annoying!  Thus maximize your time at the table!”

“Flies nibble off everything until they are full!”

“Letting Flies eat from your plate can ruin a meal and bring harm to ones body if they consume what the fly has infected.”

The last word word of advice caused the looking up of the lyrics to the Shoo Fly Song…

“Shoo, fly, don’t bother me,
Shoo, fly, don’t bother me,
Shoo, fly, don’t bother me,
For I belong to somebody.”shoofly

I found them to be very interesting.  Though they were written for soldiers as a ways of reminding them to keep away the flies and mosquito that carried Yellow Fever, the words still have great significance.  While getting to know others, flies can be a great pest.    They travel from plate to plate, dinning on what ever is available, and can take what is made to be health and satisfactory to the palate and make it inedible and unedifying.

Though a man must choose and fight for what he wants, there are times when a woman must shoo the flies away so that they can have proper time to decide if this is what she believes it to be for her future.

Parents, particularly of young ladies, please join the discussion with your comments.  We have 5 beautiful, intelligent and spiritual young ladies we are raising, and we would love to hear your thoughts based on this blog.


Choose Peace….

It is true that we must choose life,

though others has scheduled our breath,

giving us the poison to remove ourselves from earth,

we must leave the vile sealed, though it be tempting to peal back,
the cover,

feeling that it will keep concealed our pain,

the break of the seal will bring a highlight to the shame,

releasing the pain from one to another,

thus guard your heart,

close the gates of your ears and eyes,

select friends carefully and soberly,


the pain we mainly experience is self inflicted and relationship inserted,

freedom and peace lay within our decisions,

so make choices that will bring about peace and not frustration.

From the Mouth of Babes…

This just in:  He is loyal!  He is Faithful!  He will do just what He said!  If you let Him.  If you stay with Him.  If you maintain stride with Him.  If you allow Him to complete you.  If you allow Him to prepare you!  All things are truly possible.For the most part, I believe many of us speak this concept from our mouth, but our actions would reveal that we are either ahead of God, or that we wan’t God to sing to us like Flo, “I’ll stand by you. Wont let nobody hurt you….”  A Popular Progressive Insurance commercial has a set the bar of humor with its character Flo, and her portrait of their company.  By watching her, one understand the company to be one that thinks ahead, uses creativity, offers the best price possible, is not bogged by traditional rules, and protects is customers.  The current add, “I’ll Stand By You”, features an amazingly off key performance by both Flo and a separate salesman, which displays the companies commitment to the customer and the extreme levels they will go to provide the insurance and the security one needs to sign with their company and trust their products.  Truly, I love this commercial!  It brings a smile each time. maxresdefault

Today, while changing the fuse in the dryer, my 5 year old daughter came into the laundry room and looked over my shoulder.  “Stay back” I exclaimed.  “It’s dangerous in here, and I don’t want you to get hurt!”  She replied, “I know its dangerous dad.  That’s why I stayed behind you where it was safe.”

I continued working on the dryer.  Smiling first because she had no idea that I was scared and working on a complex machine after watching several youtube videos, but inspired as I worked, thinking, what if we took this approach towards our Heavenly Father?  Furthermore, what an important role we have as parents.

In her few words was displayed the complete the trust and faith that she has in me.  There was no doubt in her mind that she would be safe as long as she was positioned behind the one that could protect her.  I focused in on my walk with the Lord, and life her as we travel.  There are moments where it seems the pace of the Lord is too slow for my own liking.  It has been tempting to break rank, and run ahead towards the goal.

Oddly, God gives us a vision of our future, and then helps us journey towards what He has revealed to us.  I wish If I could put into words the frustration of seeing the flag on the hill!  Seeing the flag gives us a point of reference, and often makes us desire to take a straight line towards the prize.  Our desire to conquer and to obtain what God has for us, has a tendency to take us off the path God has designed to get us there.  God’s path rarely seems to be a straight line.  It is more like an obstacle course that takes us around and through many challenges, in an effort to build and train us not just to obtain the flag, but to take the flag, and have the strength and character to be able to conquer more land and plant that same flag in new territories!

In many cases, we can obtain the flag without following Him, thus we have to be leery of those things that come to easy or without struggle.  God is a God that develops, and takes us through processes that help us understand the territory being conquered and not just feeling the joy of holding the flag in our hand.  God knows that the flag we see, is just the first of many.  Thus getting out of line, might avail us to obtain the flag we see, but disqualify us from obtaining the flags we don’t see. This just in:  He is loyal!  He is Faithful!  He will do just what He said!  If you let Him.  If you stay with Him.  If you maintain stride with Him.  If you allow Him to complete you.  If you allow Him to prepare you!  All things are truly possible.

As parents, we also see the importance of our relationship with our children and their environment.  Our job is not only to keep things working, but to make sure we are in between them and danger.  We are, like God, protectors.  Our kids need us to take and play an active role in their lives, providing an environment that helps them maximize life, getting the full benefit from each moment, while steering them away from harm and danger.  People argue that children are different.  It’s a different child.  A different environment.  Let us not forget, that these are different parents.  We are witnessing a group of parents that are more proud of corporate advancement that raising a family.  This be the lead cause, if you will, of the change in children.  Are you fighting for your kids?  Can they depend on you to not only stand by them as Flo sang, but to be between them and danger, as my 5 year old said?

In conclusion, standing behind the Lord is not a long distance and neighbor is standing behind us as parents.  Standing behind is much like my 5 year old.  She was literally looking over my shoulder.  We must stick close to God, and we must allow our children to stick close to us.  We must be peering over His shoulder, and they must peer over ours, watching what is being done, and being obedient to what the command is to do!  This will being glory and honor to the Lord!  Let us live our lives behind, but in stride with God.  Feeling the full trust and protection He provides, as we keep stride with Him.