Parenting: Watching the Girls Serve

Over the last few weeks, I have had the privilege of watching the older girls serve. By serve, I mean minister or work as a leader. I have to admit each time I see them I get a little overwhelmed. I keep thinking God has granted me such a privilege to have a little credit in their growth.

It reminds me children are a great gift. My goal is to give them back to God because they are his. I am just here to steward. Yet the question becomes and I being a good steward? Am I listening when they call me? Do I realize when they need me and when they need to be independent?

Parenting is such a difficult task, one where there is no real training. You parent from how you were parented and how you see others’ parent. Then you hope and pray that it turns out right. Well each time I see the girls serve my heart swells because I get a glimpse that I may be doing it right.

ano dancin 11 2013


One thought on “Parenting: Watching the Girls Serve

  1. You are an amazing mother! As parents, we must all pour time and effort into molding our children into who God has called them to be. We also have to remember, much of the training they recieve is by watching us and imitating what we model.

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